WedPics: A New Way for Guests to Make Memories

WedPics Wedding Photo ServiceWe all remember the days of disposable cameras placed on each table during many of our friends and loved ones’ wedding receptions.  We also probably remember the endless winding of film and the several-photographs-per-camera taken by children that resulted in five successive shots of a shoe or a close-up of someone’s eye.  Now, technology has found a way to update this tradition with WedPics, a new online wedding album with exciting, interactive components.

WedPics isn’t intended to replace your professional photographer, rather its main purpose is to aggregate all of the pictures your guests take throughout your special day in their own quests to capture the event’s best memories.  Guests can not only snap pictures and easily add them to your custom online album, but they can also leave congratulatory comments and “love” the most captivating images of the day.  Rather than spending the weeks following your wedding checking the social network pages of your many guests, you can use that time easily downloading every photo, determining your top favorites, and ordering prints as decoration or as thank-you gifts.

Still confused about how it works?  First, you create your custom “album” prior to the big day.  It costs $99 to set up, but then friends and family can download it for free using a custom access code.  You then send either email or Facebook invites to your future wedding guests encouraging them to download the app.  WedPics works  on both iPhones and Androids, so the majority of your guests will then be ready to snap away!

WedPics is an economical, eco-friendly, and easy-to-use alternative to the traditional disposable camera party favor, and you’ll have access to the images, through both online storage and downloading the photographs, for as long as you want.  Encourage your guests to start brushing up on their photography skills before your big day!


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