What More Can We Register For?

Honeymoon registry for weddingsIf you’re a groom, you’re probably asking yourself this question. You’ve been dragged down the aisles of Target, through the housewares section of Crate and Barrel, and if you’re really lucky, you’ve had the good fortune of sitting at a computer with your bride-to-be pointing and clicking on things you’re sure you’ll never use. Some people consider registering for gifts a glorified way of begging. “Get us this!” and “We need that!”

Well, All-Clad aside, what if I told you that you can register for your honeymoon? Yes, you heard me correctly. This is your chance to register for something that you can both agree is useful: a trip just for you two after the madness of planning your wedding. So, how does it work?

First things first: don’t expect a Cuisinart and a catamaran cruise. A honeymoon registry is just another place to put down your wishes, not a supplement where people have to cough up even more money. There are tons of different honeymoon registries out there, so pick one that you like, decide on what you’d like to do on your honeymoon, and click away. Commonplace items on a honeymoon registry include accommodations, Registering online for a wedding honeymoonactivities, airfare, meals, ground transportation, and more.

I think this is a fantastic option for couples who already live together and have already amassed things like dishes, cookware, and many of the other traditional items that come with having a wedding. Who wants to chuck out barely used stuff, simply because you felt like you had to register for something? So hop online and see if it’s right for you. Happy honeymooning!

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