What Are Some Fun Wedding Shower Games?

Games can add an element of competition to your bridal shower, giving your guests the chance to win something small like a candle or gift card. There are traditional games that have been played for years, but feel free to play anything you think your guests will enjoy. Just keep them fun and make sure they focus on the bride! Here are some ideas…

Purse Bingo: Each guest holds their purse while a list of items is being read aloud. The list begins with common things like lipstick or a makeup compact, but moves towards more unusual objects like a sewing kit or toothbrush that not as many people carry around. Whoever pulls the item out of her purse first wins a prize!

Safety Pins: When guests arrive, give them a safety pin to affix to their clothing. Post a list of words like “wedding” or the groom’s name that people aren’t allowed to say, and anytime a person says one of them, another guest can take her safety pin. The guest who winds up with the most safety pins wins!

Marriage Recipe: Hand-out recipe cards to every guest and ask them to write down a creative recipe for a good marriage. Then have the bride read them aloud and try to guess who wrote what.

The Dating Game: Before the shower, ask the bride a list of questions about herself and the groom. These questions can include things like “When was your first kiss?”, “Where was your first date?” Be sure that she keeps her answers a secret from attendees, and at the shower, give everyone a list of the questions to fill-out. The couple will sit on chairs in front of everyone and the groom answers each question, “Dating Game” style. Whoever gets the most answers right wins a prize!

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