Wedding Planning Tips from the Better Business Bureau

Credit card with wedding figurinesThe Better Business Bureau (BBB) is urging spouses-to-be to make sure to inform themselves before making any purchases toward their wedding. The average wedding costs more than $15,000, so it is important to take every precaution against dealing with sketchy vendors.  The BBB offers several suggestions including making sure to get everything in writing, especially cancellation policies. And of course, a business’ reputation can be found  by going through the BBB.

The following are tips on how to best avoid wedding hassles:

  • Be weary of vendors that employ high-pressure sales tactics to coerce you into committing to a product or service that you are not 100 percent sure about.
  • Make sure to receive a copy of all sales promotions and promises in writing including dates, prices, name brands, products and anything else that may apply to your wedding day. Any oral agreements should also be included in written form.
  • Log on to to check out a vendor’s reputation with the BBB. Make sure to be informed about a particular vendor before signing a contract.
  • Try to pay with credit or debit cards. If you want a refund or a cancellation, a credit card offers the protection of being able to retrieve your money, whereas cash does not offer the same comfort.
  • Do not get caught by surprise and confirm all wedding day services at least a week prior to the big event.
  • Be weary of extremely discounted wedding gowns. You will most likely end up with a dress that is of poor quality and fit.

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