Ways to Make a Creative Exit from Your Wedding

We’ve all watched the entrances and exits on YouTube that have millions of hits. And of course, there was the famous episode of “The Office” when Jim and Pam finally tied the knot. Who can forget that entrance? When it comes to exiting your wedding creatively, here are some ideas!

Go For a Ride: Put a “Just Married” basket on the front of a bike and the fun tin cans on the back. It’s a cute way to ride away from your wedding!

Umbrellas: Rain or shine, colorful umbrellas can make for a great photo-op. Hand them out to your bridal party to form an arch as you leave your ceremony.


Scooters: Consider renting scooters that you can ride off on. Or, if you’re motorcycle fans, you might give that some thought too!

Light the Way: Give your guests sparklers to light at the end of the reception. They look great in photos and will make a fantastic exit!

Golf Carts: Sitting in the backseat of a golf cart means you’ll be able to wave goodbye to your family and guests as you drive off towards your new life together.

Vintage Car: An old-fashioned car is a great way to go from ceremony to your reception.

Get Carried Away: Nothing is quite as romantic as the idea of the bride being carried over the threshold by her groom. Make sure you pose for a few photos at your threshold so you have the memory to add to your wedding album!

Throw Flower Petals: It’s classic, and classic things never go out of style! You can buy or make simple paper cones and fill them with rose petals, or any other kind of petal you like. Then simply leave them hanging at the end of each aisle or assign someone to quickly hand them out as guests exit the church.

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