Ways to Incorporate Kids Into Your Wedding

Incorporate Kids WeddingWhether you have children yourselves, or you have a gaggle of nieces, nephews or your friend’s kids who you want to incorporate into your wedding, figuring out how to do it can be a challenge. Here are some ideas of ways that you can make sure the important kids in your life are part of your big day!

Kid’s Bouquet: Create a candy bouquet that the bride can toss to the kids in attendance. This is a great way for them to feel like their part of the grown-up part of a wedding. And of course, you can toss the ‘real’ bouquet to adults.

A Unique Bride Bouquet: You can use this bouquet in the above idea, but instead of purchasing a fancy bouquet from a florist, why not have each of the kids in attendance hold onto one or two flowers. Position them as close to the aisle as possible, and as you’re walking down the aisle towards your groom, have them hand you the flowers. Once you’re at the altar, you’ll have a beautiful bouquet that all of the kids at your wedding helped you create!

Give them a Job: If you have a guest book or table with water for your guests, consider letting the kids man the table. They’ll love having a job that makes them feel like they’re a part of your wedding!

A Reading or Poem: Depending on their age and reading ability, consider having them read a special passage from a book or a short poem that has meaning for you and your groom. Or, if you have a musical talent on your hands, see if they’d like to perform in front of the crowd.

Get Them on the Dance Floor: Bring out the special kids in your life for a special dance with the bride and groom. They will love it!

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