To Have and To Hold: Bouquet Lessons

My best friend got married last summer, and I was her maid of honor. I remember someone coaching us about how to hold our bouquets as we finished getting ready and got in line to march down the aisle. ‘There’s a way to properly palm a bouquet,’ I thought to myself. Evidently, there is.

These tips go for both brides and their maids, however, having a good hand on your bouquet is paramount for a bride and her pictures. When people get nervous (ahem, brides), they tend to fidget, and having something in their hands (ahem, a bouquet) seems like the perfect play toy distraction.

When most people hold a bouquet for the first time, they tend to grasp it with both hands and hold it high, which results in your shoulders lifting up near your ears. This isn’t a good look for anyone, but is especially bad for those wearing a strapless dress. Holding your bouquet in one hand down near your hip will result in relaxed and open shoulders, better posture, and gorgeous photos!

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