Tips For Personalizing Your Wedding

Personalize your wedding to fit your tastesThere is no such thing as a “conventional” wedding anymore. Couples nowadays are increasingly looking into personalizing their wedding day into something unique that they can call their own. Bringing out the uniqueness in your wedding-day food, music, invitations and everything else can be easy with a little brainstorming.

Start by writing down your favorite things to see and do as a couple, and as individuals. This list can contain anything from favorite activaties to favorite food and spots to relax in. Though it may not seem like anything you come up with will fit into your special day, it can be surprising how one interest can spark an idea for a theme. An example of a possible wedding theme can be pulled from sharing the common interest of going to the movies together. From this you can:

  • Serve gourmet popcorn as a late night snack
  • Play your favorite movie clips on screens in the background
  • Obtain invitations that look like movie stubs
  • Use old movie reels as décor

What if you’ve named your favorite city? Theme’s from this can include:

Favorite city is New York (bride) and Paris (groom)

  • Offer French macaroons as favors
  • Include late-night food options such as pizza and a hot dog cart
  • Name your tables after New York / Paris street names or museums

Tying your theme with the small details of your wedding day can take time, but can also be fun. Make sure to also consider what type of tone you are trying to set, and budget accordingly based on the type of décor and stationery you are looking to invest in. Personalizing your wedding, whether it takes place in an old movie theater or a St. Charles wedding venue, can be fun for you and your guests.

If you are interested in learning additional information about our St. Charles wedding venue, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to help plan and host your special day.

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