Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding DJ

Wedding DJChoosing a DJ for your wedding day can be a tricky process. You have the option of doing your own research or hiring someone from word of mouth. Either way, you will want to be prepared with a list of do’s and dont’s that you want for your wedding. Making sure to choose a DJ that will cooperate and help make your wedding day a memorable one can be easy with a few tips.

1) Communicate your needs to the DJ you are planning to hire. Make sure you let him/her know what you want and what you do not want in terms of music, talking, and anything else that may come up. If you want an even firmer contract, put your list of requests in writing.

2) Be as specific as you can when it comes to your playlist by creating your own with following categories:


– Prelude music

– Music for the bridesmaids’ processional

– Music for the bride’s processional

– Recessional music


– Entrance song

– First dance song

– Dinner music

– Cake cutting song

– Bouquet/garter toss songs

– Last dance

3) Make sure to let the DJ know whether you want him to take requests or not. If you would prefer he not take requests, you can ask him to tell your guests that he does not have the music being requested.

4) Be detailed and specific when it comes to your “Do Not Play” list. There are songs you may not want to hear on your special day and the DJ needs to know exactly what they are.

5) Get your playlist to your DJ as early as possible. Every DJ has a different system and some of them need time to make sure they have all your music ready in time for your wedding. Try to have all song selections on a playlist no less than 30 days prior to your wedding date.

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