Three Wedding Planning Tips from a Therapist

Wedding Planning Tips TherapistHere’s an interesting perspective regarding keeping yourself sane while you’re planning a wedding! One couples therapist recently weighed in after having worked with many engaged couples over the years. Engagements are a special time, but they can quickly turn stressful with the cost associated with planning a wedding, not to mention the variety of hands in the pot when it comes to planning. As this therapist so astutely pointed out, an engagement is a time to separate yourself psychologically from both sets of parents and plan your special day together. Here are three tips to keep in mind!

Use this Time to Set the Stage for Your Life Together: Yes, this is going to be a pressure-filled time, but consider each of the challenges you encounter teaching moments. You can learn more about each other and what it means to be a part of each others’ respective families. Successfully navigating the wedding planning together will set you up for future success in your marriage!

Agree to Disagree: It’s pretty much inevitable that you’re going to have a difference in opinions when planning your wedding. Let it happen. It’s a valuable opportunity to learn how to communicate through disagreements. She adds, “Make sure you each talk about yourselves when having difficult discussions. For example, it is more effective to say: ‘Please keep in mind that I prefer simplicity. It is less effective to say: Your parents are INSANE, stop letting them get so carried away over-the-top decorations.'”

Take a Break from Planning: Planning a wedding need not consume your life. You should make time to talk about other things, and do the things you love to do. Keep in mind the other important things going on in your lives that don’t involve your wedding. But most importantly, taking a break from planning each week will help you remember why you are marrying one another in the first place!

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