The Countdown Begins…

Kate Middleton Wedding Fashion…the countdown to what, you ask? Only the wedding of the year, century, and quite possibly, of some people’s lifetimes. A royal affair that’s caused more predictions as of late than the local weather. Considering The Today Show has a daily dedicated segment to the subject, I wouldn’t be shocked at all to learn you can put money on all things royal wedding in Vegas. But I don’t know that for sure.

One thing that is for sure: with only two weeks to spare before the big day, speculation is widespread about what Kate Middleton will be wearing on the big day. Will it be a carbon copy of Princess Di’s early 80’s gown? Probably not. But I’d bet it’s not going to be anything trendy or revealing Princess Diana's 80's Wedding Dresseither. After all, with the traverse of an aisle and a couple “I do’s,” Ms. Middleton will find herself with a whole new world of responsibilities and restrictions, not to mention a new title, new royal family, et al.

So, what do you think Kate will wear to the most official of official weddings this side of 2000? To me, I doubt she will ditch her fashion-forwardness altogether, but should she choose anything perceptibly outlandish, you can bet she will dilute it with some more traditional touches. In two weeks from Friday, the entire world will know. Until then, place your bets!

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