The Bridesmaid Skills You Didn’t Know You Had

Role of a BridesmaidKristen Wiig showed us how sometimes even the best of friends struggle as bridesmaids. Even if it’s not a thankless job, it’s probably an under-thanked job in most weddings. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be there to stand up with our best girls on their big days, and vice versa!You know the important stuff–the holding up the dress, the bouquet, and the tissues–but here are some random, important skills that have Bridesmaid Material written all over them:

Penmanship: Invitations. Thank you notes. Lists of which guests gave which gifts. Nametags. It never ends.

Tactful feedback: She’s going to ask for your opinion at some point, and the actual answer is going to be “Why on earth would you ever put yellow near your skin tone?” But, what comes out of your mouth needs to be “Ooh! Look at this blue fabric over here! I love how it makes your eyes pop.” Distractogirl should be your superhero name.
Expert diversion tactics: Someone will bring up something awkward about the bride at her shower or bachelorette party, and it’ll be your job to step in and steer the conversation in a different direction. Let this be her time to shine.
Party foul detection skills: Keep your eyes peeled and minimize any damage before it starts. If you notice Uncle Joe’s hitting the sauce a little too hard, or that you haven’t seen Grandma Joan since the chapel, try to deal with it before you disrupt the bride and groom, or their parents.
Dancing and cake eating skills: Contrary to popular belief, sometimes being a bridesmaid is just fun and games. Guests expect you to be the life of the party. The more fun it looks like you’re having doing the YMCA and eating cake, the more other guests will join in. Years later, you want the bride to remember that everyone had a blast at her wedding, and you’re going to be a big part of that.
If you’re going to be a bridesmaid in the near future, start evaluating yourself to see if you’ve got what it takes to catch it that bouquet.

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