The Best Wedding Gifts Are Free

What’s better than receiving all the china on your gift registry or even a big check from a distant cousin as a wedding gift? Good advice that will benefit you every single day of your married life. Let’s face it, not every day of being married is as glorious as your wedding day, so take some friendly advice from the experts: your guests who have been happily married for years.

While it seems like it’s a long process to plan your wedding and get to the big day in one piece, take time to remember this is day one of a long, happy life together.┬áSome couples decide to celebrate and honor the long-lasting marriages of their guests with a special dance or a short toast at their receptions.

Have a box with writing utensils and paper available for your wedding or engagement party guests to write down their own short notes of advice for having a long, happy, healthy marriage. Encourage people to be honest, sentimental, practical, funny, or all of the above, and you’ll be intrigued by the results you get. You’ll receive words of wisdom and old adages passed down from great grandmothers, and other suggestions for more practical or mundane matters. Later on at the reception or party, have a bridesmaid read through, and share some of the best pieces of advice with the crowd. You may even want to give a small gift to the person with the most memorable advice to share.

These little notes are wonderful mementos of your celebration, who was there, and how much they all care about you. These little notes can also help make the thank you note process a little easier, and, of course give you important words to live by with your spouse.

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