Taming the Monster-In-Law Throughout Your Wedding Engagement

Issues with Mother in law at weddingFor some brides, the mother of all wedding planning problems comes in the form of their future mothers-in-law. Focusing on your relationship with your in-laws during the wedding planning process will help make your life easier not just while you’re planning the wedding, but for the rest of your married life too.
If you don’t already have the relationship you would like to have with your fiancé’s mother, making the effort now can set a tone for what your relationship can be like with her after you’re married. She may have horrible taste in linens and bridesmaids dresses, she might be rude to you or passive aggressive in front of the family. She might even be a stage-five clinger. When it comes to your relationship with your mother-in-law, there’s always room for improvement, and making that effort is bound to earn you brownie points somewhere along the line. Even if you think you’re never going to win them with her, your fiance is bound to reward you for your efforts!
Confiding in her, and valuing her opinion will give her a sense of ownership in the wedding planning process. She might feel that she’s missing out on it because she’s the mother of the groom, rather than the bride, so letting her into the club is at least a nice gesture, and at most a way to welcome a valuable player to your wedding planning team. You never know where she’ll pop in with a great idea, a hidden talent, or knack for something. Maybe you never knew she had similar taste in music or flowers. She might have the wrath of the Titans buried deep inside, only unleashed when it comes time to track down vendors gone AWOL. The sooner you figure out her strengths and utilize them to your advantage, the sooner she’ll feel like an asset to you and her son, and an ally in general.

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