Succulent Centerpieces

Centerpieces can cost a lot of money when it comes to your wedding, but with a little pre-planning and creativity, you can save yourself a bundle of cash and impart a bit of personality at the same time. Succulent arrangements seem to be all the rage right now. Yes, they look a little desert’y, but they’re a great way to add a pop of color to your tables, and they have more going for them than just that. One of the greatest things about succulent arrangements is that you can make them quite a bit in advance and they will keep, which is not the case with traditional centerpieces whose shelf-life looks more like a loaf of bread. Here are four ideas that you can use for your big day!

  1. Shallow Glass Bowl: Fill a glass bowl with small rocks and a variety of succulents and you’ll have a clean, modern look that will go with pretty much any color scheme.
  2. White Ceramic Vases: More traditional, yet classic and chic, white ceramic vases make the perfect nest for a grouping of succulents. These are perfect alone for an afternoon wedding, or you might add in some votive candles for an evening affair.
  3. Brushed Aluminum Planters: If you’re the most modern of modern couples, find some brushed aluminum planters (they come in tons of sizes, shapes, etc…), and plant some succulents there. This is a great way to introduce another texture to your tabletops.
  4. Old Wooden Soda Crate: A friend did this at her wedding and it looked like something out of an Anthropologie vignette. She put together a variety of succulent plants in the crates and used them as centerpieces on her round tables. And best of all, you’d never know she did them all herself.
If you’re not interested in creating centerpieces on your own, Stegton offers a very nice centerpiece arrangement and our wedding planning staff can work with your florist to make it really something special.

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