Stay Tuned!

While we’re normally Wednesday kind of bloggers, we didn’t want our faithful followers to think we had gone missing this week.

There’s a bit of a big event happening this Friday in London, so we figured we would hold off until then and blog post-royal nuptials. When you’re obsessed with all things weddings, you can imagine where we’re sitting this entire week in anticipation (hint: on the edge of our seats).

What will she wear? What will they say? Who will be there? Ahhh, the suspense. See you on Friday for a recap of all things Will & Kate!

Update: Sorry for the delay.  We’ll try to get a full recap on the Royal Wedding next week.  It’s sure to influence weddings for years to come.  Did you know they are already recreating Kate’s wedding dress?  What did you think of the bridesmaid dress?

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