Splurging Versus Saving When It Comes to Your Wedding

Your wedding is a big, important day, but that doesn’t mean you need to break your bank. You need to find a balance between splurging and saving when you’re planning, and it’s best to sit down and decide what falls into these categories well before you’re meeting with vendors. Of course, a splurge is going to depend on your personal budget, but here are some tips regarding things you shouldn’t mind paying a little bit more, and others where saving is perfectly acceptable.


  • Venue: Your venue will likely be a large portion of your budget, and that’s perfectly okay. Keep in mind your guests’ comfort, and make sure there is plenty of space. A nicer venue may require less decor too, which can save you money.
  • Wedding Planner: If you think you need a wedding planner, you probably do. They can ease your stress and save you time, and they’re also there to negotiate on your behalf.
  • Food: Choose a caterer you click with, and go for the late-night snack if that’s something you always envisioned. While you may choose to spend more on your food, going with moderately priced liquor and wine versus top shelf is perfectly fine.
  • Photographer: Splurging on a photographer can be a worthwhile investment. Photos will be your memory of this major life event, so choose someone with a portfolio you admire. Also, you might think about budgeting for a videographer too.
  • Hair and Makeup: Getting your hair and makeup professionally done is a splurge that most brides all but insist on. You’re going to be center stage for the duration of your wedding, and a professional will ensure you look and feel great.

Places to Save

  • Jewelry: Something borrowed, remember? One way to save money is to borrow jewelry. Ask your mother if there is a family heirloom from your grandmother’s or other relative’ that you can use for the wedding.
  • DIY Projects: Do-it-yourself projects can eliminate costs. Plain and simple. If you have a crafty family member or friend, ask them for help on things like place cards or even your invitations.
  • Dress: You may be shocked to not see this in the splurge section, but for some brides, their gown isn’t high on their priority list. Buying a used dress is a great way to cut back on this cost, as most gowns are only worn once and kept in great condition. You can get them tailored and dry cleaned for a fraction of the cost of an off-the-rack dress.

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