Bride and Groom chat on Skype during weddingIf important guests couldn’t make it to your wedding, would you Skype them in? It’s something worth considering. In May, a bride set-up two laptop computers–one facing her ceremony and one facing her terminally ill mother in her hospital bed. She Skyped her mother in during the ceremony, which allowed her to witness and be a part of her daughter’s big day, even though she physically couldn’t be there in person.

Technology is changing the way we plan weddings, shop for wedding gifts, and now, how we can attend them. What if you have family in another country, or so far away in the U.S. that they simply cannot attend your wedding? Skype is a great inclusion tool, and it takes minimal effort to stream your wedding to those you want to see it most. And you can converse with people over Skype too, making the technology even more practical.

Ashley, the bride who Skyped in her mom, spoke with her mother over the Bride talks to mom via Skype during weddingcomputer on her big day, and during the ceremony, she waved to her mom who waved back. It’s really a touching example of how technology can change our interactions with people in a good way, especially on a day as important as your wedding.

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