Selecting the Right Hair Piece

Your hair and hair pieces can be as important as your gown itself in making your style statement on wedding day. Think realistically about what will be flattering on you, what will show off the personality your fiance fell in love with, and the overall tone and feel of what the celebration. These considerations can help you to narrow down what seems like an endless amount of possibilities.

Study your face shape, and discuss with a professional hairstylist what you want your hairstyle to be, and how the hair piece you’re thinking of might be incorporated into that style. Getting an objective opinion about your hair density and texture, as well as your skin tone and bone structure will help you to select a style that’s most flattering for you.

You don’t have to be trendy. When Anna Wintour suggested that Carey Mulligan wear a short dress to the Academy Awards a few years back, Mulligan politely declined the style icon’s advice. She pointed out that a short dress was the last thing she’d dreamed of wearing on an Oscar red carpet since she was six years old. Same rules apply here. If it’s not a style you’ve been always dreaming of, ask if it’s classic enough to withstand the immortality of wedding photos.

Don’t discount the veil right away. This is one day of your life you get to wear a one. Cumbersome, and often overdone, a veil can be the first thing you decide to exclude from your ensemble, but like a little black dress or red lipstick, it will always come back into style, and there are a million ways to wear it right.

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