Royal Wedding #3

Lauren Bush to wed Andrew Lauren, son of Ralph LaurenDespite your best efforts, it might seem like you can’t get away from royal wedding after royal wedding after royal wedding this year. First, it was Will and Kate, then Kim and Kris, and now, son of iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren, Andrew, is marrying Lauren Bush, granddaughter of George H.W. Bush and niece of President George W. Bush. Have fun drawing that family tree!

What’s with all of these over-the-top weddings this year? If Ralph Lauren is involved, and I bet he is at least to some degree with the wear, you know it’s going to be a lavish and gorgeous event. In fact, it’s been confirmed that he designed Lauren’s dress. Swoon! The wedding is taking place at the Lauren’s 22,000-square-foot ranch near Telluride, Colorado. Think it’s too late to book a Double RL Ranch, marriage of Lauren Bush and Andrew Laurenticket?

As I’m sitting here more focused on what this dress will look like–surely it will rival Kim Kardashian’s three Vera Wang numbers–I’m laughing because I overlooked one very important thing. What happens when Lauren Bush marries Andrew Lauren name-wise? There’s a palindrome in there somewhere. Lauren Lauren? That’s just genius. Of course, I wasn’t the first one to figure this out and Lauren has said that she will be keeping her maiden name, sandwiching it oh so snuggly in the middle. Lauren Bush Lauren. Amazing.

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