Register for your Honeymoon

Honeymoon registry, travel togetherWe all love gifts. But what if you’re a newly engaged couple who doesn’t need a new Cuisinart toaster, Calphalon pans, or more monogrammed bath towels? For some couples who have lived together for a long time pre-engagement, registering for gifts can be an annoying task. Yes, you want to avail your tastes to your wedding guests, but who needs more useless stuff clogging up their home? Solution: register for your honeymoon.

Ah ha…now, this is useful stuff! The honeymoon is maybe the most coveted part of the whole shebang for the new Mr. and Mrs., and what’s better than knowing you have an amazing, trip-of-a-lifetime upcoming together? Oh wait, I know–not having to shell out a small country’s GDP to do it! This is a great option for cash-strapped newlyweds, so read on for tips on how to make this dream a reality.

Step 1: open the internet (chances are, you’ve already completed this step if you’re reading this blog post).

Step 2: Visit one of the many honeymoon registry sites out there and create your account. We like, and

Step 3: Tell your guests! Use the features each of these websites offer for alerting your guests that Macy’s isn’t where they can find your registry. Some will create registry cards that you can hand out, and others give you the option of emailing your guests.

Honeyfund tell your guestsIf’s often been said that honeymoons cost double what you’d expect, so this is a great option for couples who don’t want to be limited by their bank account’s balance. Guests can donate cold, hard cash to your fund, or they can give you things like massages, ziplining adventures, and more. Now, go on…get your honeymoon on the way you’ve always imagined it!

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