Record Number of Weddings on 12/12/12

Weddings 12/12/12This is the last time in our lifetime that we’ll see a sequential date like 12/12/12, and to capitalize on the unique experience, a record of number of weddings are planned today. Wednesday generally isn’t a busy day in the wedding world, but if you’re friends with the 7,231 brides and grooms on and who have said they will marry today, you’re going to have to set your DVR for Modern Family and get gussied up in between work days.

It will be another hundred years before a sequential set of dates like this happens again. Last year, 11/11/11 was a record day for weddings. In Las Vegas, the city received 3,500 applications for marriage licences that day alone! And it’s no different this year. The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel says that more than 100 couples will walk or ride down the aisle between midnight and midnight today. That’s more than 10 times the number of couples who get hitched there on a typical Wednesday.

Despite putting your guests out a bit, having a midweek wedding can have a lot of advantages. First off, venues tend to be available midweek so you may have a better chance at scoring that coveted location. Some may even cut you a deal for a day when they otherwise wouldn’t have business. The same goes for photographers, caterers, florists and other vendors.

Couples planning to tie the knot on 12/12/12 will undoubtedly use the sequence of numbers as part of their weddings. Some ideas being thrown around out there include having six bridesmaids and six groomsmen for a total of 12, starting weddings earlier in the day to take advantage of 12:12 in the afternoon, and handing out favors that commemorate the unique date.

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