Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Perhaps you’re trying to limit your the budget in the floral department, or the headache of dealing with dozens of floral centerpiece arrangements. Maybe you’re just looking for something a bit more memorable or striking than flowers for your tables. Avoiding those long-stemmed flowers can help guests on opposite sides of the table converse a bit easier. Always encourage the conversation that helps to make your celebration a real party!

For something a little different than every June wedding your party guests will attend this season, try incorporating flowers into other parts of the reception or ceremony, and going a little rogue on the centerpieces.

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Fruit: Symbols of abundance and fertility, sumptuous fruits in the middle of your table in a classic, simple glass dish will give a bold color that can be matched to your color palette, like a flower would. Try coordinating your fruits with some of the items on the menu in either color or flavor.

Sand: Perfect for destination weddings! In small glass dishes or vases, add sand to the bottom, and use it to secure votive or stem candles, small shells, or branches. Simple, elegant, non-fussy or distracting, the sand still provides the natural element you’re searching for with flowers, and the candles will glow nicely through the glass.

Potted Herbs: These can double as beautiful guest gifts, and provide a delicious aroma while your guests enjoy their dinner. Every time your guest uses cilantro, basil, or mint in their cooking endeavors afterward, they’ll be reminded of the wonderful time they had at your wedding.

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