Mensday Wednesday: A Post for the Boys

Luxury box at a sports gameIt’s been a rough man week, and it’s only Wednesday. No less than 24 hours after realizing there wasn’t a football game to be found on Sunday, men around the country were charged with Valentine’s Day duties on Monday morning. I’ve never seen so many men in the grocery story buying flowers Monday afternoon. I had to laugh. Incidentally, it only seemed fitting that this week’s post help make the lives of men out there a little easier. If you’re a groom preparing for an upcoming wedding, we’re hoping these tips will make things a bit smoother.

First up, bachelor party ideas. If you’re tapped out of places to go, things to do, etc…, think about these options. Up first: rent a box or get club level seats to a sporting event with your mates. If sports don’t say man time, I don’t know what does. #2: when was the last time you went camping? Get the group together, dust off the tents and sleeping bags, and head out for the weekend. Don’t forget the well-stocked cooler. Is camping not your cup of tea? How about renting an RV and taking a road trip with the boys? Sounds like trouble if you ask me (the good and fun kind). And if you’re Wedding signature cocktail drinkmore of a homebody and don’t want to drag everyone away for the weekend, plan a local tour of a brewery or winery. It may sound a little she-she, but trust me, your boys+a liquid educational opportunity=Sunday Funday (or whatever day you head out on).

Want to wow your bride by offering to take over a wedding-planning task? Here are some ideas that she will thank you for.

1. Create a signature cocktail for your reception. Make sure to go for something a lot of people will like, although you could take a mainstream drink and personalize it. For example, sub in pomegranate juice for cranberry in a Seabreeze. And don’t forget to name it something cool too. If you have a favorite vacation spot, that would be a good choice.

2. Choose the song for your first dance. Motown songs are always fun. Need ideas? How about “I Believe” by Stevie Wonder, “My Girl” by The Tempations, or “My Endless Love” by Diana Ross Motown groupand Lionel Richie? Anyway you go, she’s going to swoon because you chose it.

3. Take over the duties of following-up with non-RSVP’ers. If you have a group of people who are on Facebook, give them a gentle nudge by creating a private event. Ideally, this will remind them that they’re invited and they need to RSVP.Facebook private event

To all the grooms out there, enjoy the rest of your week. And don’t be too down about the whole football thing; pitchers and catchers just reported to Spring Training so baseball season will be here before you know it!

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