It’s a…Nice Day…for a…Weird Wedding

Skydiving wedding ceremonyNow that the Kardashian event of the season is behind us, we can all  breathe a sigh of relief and return to life as normal. Until that next wedding invite shows up, that is!

When it comes to Halloween, the more outlandish the costume or the party, the better. But what about when it comes to weddings? People get a little crazy when they feel like their “big day” is going cookie cutter, so some will revert to insane tactics to make sure their wedding stands out among the rest. Below are some examples of outlandish wedding ceremonies that have taken place around the globe. What is the weirdest or craziest wedding you’ve ever attended?

1. Skydiving Nuptials: To me, planes are for riding in, not jumping out of. But for some, they create the perfect backdrop for a wedding: the open sky. More and more brides and grooms are strapping on parachutes over their wedding regalia and jumping together while a priest conducts their ceremony over shrieks and rushing wind. Talk about taking your marriage to new heights!

Zombie Wedding Engagement Photo Shoot2. Costumes or Clothing-Optional: Imagine attending a Lord of the Rings-themed wedding, or one with zombies. This zombie photo was snapped during a couple’s engagement shoot in California recently and became an overnight sensation. When a white dress and colored tux just won’t do, brides and grooms are turning to themed weddings to entertain their guests and themselves. I’ve even heard of naturalist weddings where clothing is optional. That would have me hoping to the high heavens that Aunt Mildred and Uncle Bernie RSVP’d ‘no.’

3. Show Time at The Altar: How would you react if you saw a seemingly hired comedian get punched out during the reception and then land in the wedding cake? It’s been done, and was an entirely crafted stunt at the hands of the bride and groom to shock their attendees. I’m laughing just thinking about this one! And let’s not forgot about the famous Wedding Party entrance to Chris Brown’s Forever:

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