Ideas to Cut Your Wedding Budget In Half

Cut Your Wedding BudgetWeddings are one of the happiest moments of your life, but they can also be one of the most expensive! If you have a hard time budgeting, be mindful when planning your wedding. There are often hidden costs associated with wedding planning, and your happy day can quickly spiral out of control if you’re not careful. Fortunately, we have some ideas on how you can cut your wedding budget in half! Keep these in mind and you’ll be on the road to wedded bliss in no time without sacrificing any fun.

  1. Cut Down Your List: Of course you want everyone and their mother at your wedding, but you should cut down your guest list to help your budget. Consider shrinking your guest list by one table (8 to 10 people) and you’ll see savings across the board.
  2. Avoid Peak Season: Choosing to get married during the peak season will automatically drive up the price. Consider the late summer or winter, which can often save you up to 20% off at the venue alone.
  3. Choose Local Flowers: Stick to seasonal and local flowers, which are eco-friendly and will also help your bottom line.
  4. Reduce Your Bar Bill: While you may want to go crazy on the bar tab, limiting your bar to beer and wine can bring your tab down by about 25%.
  5. Focus on Appetizers: You can save about $10 per guest if you focus on heavy appetizers versus a full sit-down dinner.
  6. Substitute Items on Your Menu: If you’re set on serving a meal, opt for substitute items that are more cost-effective, like prosecco instead of champagne, hanger steak instead of filet mignon, etc…
  7. Set a Curfew for the Photographer: Make sure you set a curfew for your photographer so they’re not still hanging around into the wee hours of the morning. Rarely do any of the good shots come from this point in the evening anyway, and reducing the number of hours they on site will help with your budget.


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