Ideas for Edible Escort Cards

Edible Escort CardsEscort cards! Is that what they’re called? It makes sense. You know, the little trinket you pick-up from the table full of names that lets you know if you’re sitting at the “fun table” or not? Brides and grooms love to get creative when it comes to this aspect of the wedding. From antique keys (you know, the keys to their heart) to fall leaves (because they fell for each other), there’s no shortage of messages that people try to convey with table place cards. Why not keep it simple and give them something they can enjoy post-reception?

  1. Tiny Basil Plants: These are adorable, and the soil is the perfect place to stick in a place card. And you’re not limited to just basil. Other herbs like rosemary, thyme and lavender would be amazing too. Bonus: they smell fantastic, so they will perfume your entire reception!
  2. Small Jars of Jam: Stonewall Kitchen makes yummy jam, and the tiny jars are perfect for escort cards. Just print round stickers with the names and table numbers and stick them on top!
  3. Candy: Who doesn’t love candy? Jelly beans are such a cute way to do this because you customize them to the color of your wedding. Put them inside of small clear jars and tie on a card with the names and table numbers. You can also do this with mints to help keep your guests’ breath nice and fresh for those close, romantic encounters on the dance floor!
  4. Fresh Fruit: If you’re having a rustic wedding, think about using fresh fruit like apples, pears or clementines. Use a straight pin to attach the place card directly to the fruit. You can mix-up the colors, and your guests will have something healthy and nutritious to snack on later!

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