Ideas for a Halloween Wedding

Halloween wedding picture, gothic, darkWhen Halloween falls on a Saturday, it’s a popular date to tie the knot. But it doesn’t mean that bridal gowns suddenly become black a la Morticia Adams. Does a Halloween wedding have to be all gothic and costume’y? Survey says: nope! Here are some ideas in case you’re planning your love-fest on or around October 31st.

Pick a warm, fall color palette, and accent it with unusual colors like silver or canary yellow. A tried and true navy will look elegant and appropriate, but the more playful colors will remind people that the theme of your wedding is fun. And of course, there’s no better place for a candy halloween wedding favors, wedding candy barbar than at a Halloween wedding! Decorate cute little bags for your guests to take home their treats in, and look for candy that you can’t find at other times of the year, like candy corns or wax lips.

Think of how much fun you could have with your centerpieces at a wedding like this too! Grab some gourds, pumpkins, apples, cinnamon sticks, fall-colored candles, and go to work on a table that gives off a sense of warmth. Calligraphy is another trick that you can use for a Halloween wedding to evoke a sense of whimsy. Use it on the place cards, programs, and anywhere else to Halloween wedding ideasconjure up thoughts of a tasteful Tim Burton flick.

One of the greatest things about having your wedding on Halloween is that everyone’s imagination is in full-effect on this day. So have fun and challenge the norm to the extent you’re comfortable. The best part: you’ll be in for a good time each year when your anniversary rolls around!

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