How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Colors

Orange wedding hallWhen planning for your wedding, it is a given that one of the first things you will need to do is choose a specific color palette. Whether you’re planning the celebratory event at a Chicago wedding venue or a St. Charles wedding venue, color and style are important. The colors you choose for your wedding will ultimately set the mood of the entire event. Following are a few tips on how to go about choosing the best colors for the decor, flowers and all other wedding details.

1. Browse for colors outside your home. Any venue will work for this task, from an upscale restaurant to a retail store. Make sure to choose a venue where there are a variety of colors to examine. Take note of the colors that immediately catch your eye and pay attention to the details, because the small details can help when developing a color scheme for your special day.

2. Take a look around your home. Are there any color patterns that continuously keep popping up? The colors you’ve chosen to decorate your home can also make for an interesting color palette for your wedding.

3. Consider the mood you want to set for your big day. Are you looking more towards fun and sweet or dramatic and elegant? These details can greatly influence the colors you will want to set for your wedding decor and will ultimately end up setting the tone for your special day.

4. Forget your preconceived ideas of what a color represents. Though orange may seem like a fall color at first glance, a light orange can give the feeling of fun and frivolity. Thinking outside the box in terms of colors can make for a great way to choose the perfect colors for your special occasion.

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