Where Will You Honeymoon this Year?

It’s January, and all around the country there’s a hazy shade of winter. With the advent of the internet, it’s easy to hop online, search out images of tropical and certainly warmer destinations, and transport yourself to place far, far away. If you’re getting married soon, there’s even more merit in this practice because you have a honeymoon to plan! So, where will you be honeymooning this year?

Each year, there seems to be a list of places that bubbles to the top of the most popular places for newly married couples

to spend their first vacation together. So where are those places for 2011? Some of the usual suspects like Hawaii, Mexico, and the Bahamas are popular choices, however, couples who want to up the exotic ante might head to Venice,  Paris, or Fiji. The tropical places are perfect for couples who want to lounge on the beach with a libation in their hand,take in a bit of cultural heritage, but mainly just relax.  An on-the-go place like Europe is going to mean a more active honeymoon, which is a better fit for some couples. Venice, Italy’s

unmatched topography, with the beautiful water-side architecture and paths and bridges that lead to nowhere, is energizing, not to mention the many opportunities to take boat rides to the surrounding islands. And yet, it is still incredibly romantic with the canals, gondola rides and incredible Italian fare. And then there’s Paris. Glamorous, amorous Paris. Honeymooners can plan excursions around the City of Love to the various arrondisements, or take day trips to places like Reims (the Champagne region), the Palace of Versailles, Monet’s gardens at Giverny, or Chartres Cathedral which are all short train rides away.

No matter where you choose to honeymoon with your new partner, remember this: planning and organizing can go a long way. This is one of those times when you will want to create a budget, find your your flights well in advance and purchase them, research hotels and reserve them, and maybe even decide on a few restaurants or activities ahead of time. Don’t leave anything to chance. This is your honeymoon…the one trip you will never, ever forget!

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