Haywire for Hats!

Wedding HatIf you’ve flipped on The Today Show consistently over the last few months, you’ve probably caught segments addressing the upcoming royal nuptials. It remains to be seen what their guest list and invitations will look like, and even who the lucky designer will be who creates Kate’s dress, but one thing is for certain: there are bound to be hats, hats, and more hats in attendance.

Hats are not required at British weddings, rather, they are a tradition of the Anglican Church and worn out of respect. And just like chef’s hats tell a tale about their rank in the kitchen, so do British women’s hats. The more grandiose and stylish, it can generally be assumed that your social rank and status are in the upper echelons. Fascinators also reign supreme with British wedding fascinatorwomen, and they’re a more common choice for younger women. What is a fascinator, you might be asking? Don’t worry…I thought the same thing. Fascinators vary in form and style, but are often identified as feathery hair accessories that clip in and are worn off to the side.

As we get closer to the royal wedding date, I think we’ll see many more American wedding-goers adopting the tradition of both hats and fascinators. There’s a certain obsession with things foreign, and when it comes to fashion, we’ll adopt just about any trend that makes waves in other countries. Just last night, I was looking through a magazine and I saw a pair of gorgeous pink heels that I’m eyeing for a friend’s summer wedding. In thinking about the rest of my get-up, I immediately thought of my head. I have a pink fascinator that is fierce, and I think it deserves the chance to be seen at an American wedding. Done and done.

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