Having a Holiday Wedding? Think Red Accents!

Holiday Wedding Red AccentsDuring the holidays, you can take bolder chances with your wedding accent colors. While red is usually a little more difficult to incorporate because it’s so bold and can easily detract from the bride and groom, during the holidays, it’s practically expected!

If you’re getting married in a cooler climate and there’s snow, electric red accents are the perfect contrast to a stark white backdrop. Red is also a fantastic choice if you’re having a black tie wedding. There are so many shades, and depending on what you choose, you can convey a very different message. Reds can be cheerful, vibrant, glamorous, or sexy, so establish your objective and choose accordingly.

When it comes to decor, flowers are the easiest place to add a pop of red. Most flowers out there come in a shade of red, and red bouquet are classy and elegant. In the winter, don’t forget that holly berries make fantastic accents to centerpieces, and can also add an element of interest to your attendants’ bouquets too if they’re carrying something simple like white roses. You can tie red ribbons around your invitations to give guests a glimpse of what’s to come.

If you’re nervous about going overboard with red, keep it simple by only using red in your accents. For example, choose a neutral colored bridesmaid dress like champagne, and have your gals wear sparkly red jewelry or carry red bouquets. And throw on a pair of red heels that will be mostly concealed under your dress to get in on the fun. There are so many ways to kiss your holiday wedding with a touch of red. Have fun!

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