Finding the Right Tuxedo

When left to their own devices, guys are not always the best judges of what fits well and what does not. Make sure the groom’s tuxedos fits properly, and will be comfortable for a long wedding day with emotional vows, pictures, dancing, and everything else! Here’s a quick checklist of things your man should be looking for when he’s fitted for his tuxedo. Make sure the groomsmen are following these instructions too, and they’ll all look dapper in no time at all!

Jackets should be able to be comfortably buttoned while seated or standing, and leave about half an inch of shirt showing at the cuffs. They should be comfortable and fitted at the neck and shoulders. Vests should cover just a little bit of the trousers, to ensure there’s no shirt peeking out beneath it. Try on the bowtie to make sure it fits comfortably around the neck, and that it’s a style that works for your groom. Trousers should be comfortable to sit and stand in, and the hem should cover the top third of his shoes.

As groomsmen and bridesmaids arrive in town a few days before the wedding, have everyone try tuxedos and dresses on again. This is a good time to make sure everything is pressed, and that no buttons or seams need fixing. Having a bridesmaid preassigned to last-minute clothing alterations can take a load off your mind if something needs to be replaced, taken in, or let out. Surprises 48 hours ahead of time are much more likely to be fixed than a sartorial disaster an hour before pictures.



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