Fall Wedding Wear

Fall wedding, fall leavesThe weather is turning just a bit. With Labor Day on the horizon, it’s like Mother Nature’s internal clock is ticking and she knows it’s time to scale back the thermometer just a bit. I feel a tinge of coolness in the air today, and I’ll take it after the scorching heat in Texas this past weekend. What was I doing there, you ask? Attending a wedding, of course. I seem to be on the circuit right now, with one more coming up this holiday weekend on the coast in Oregon. That’s where I am this week and that’s why it’s cool.

Fall is a fabulous time to get married. The leaves are turning from vibrant green to deep shades of yellow, then orange, and then red. If nature knows what she Dress to wear to a fall wedding, knit jerseywill be wearing this fall, it’s time we examined our own attire, especially if there are weddings on the docket. Knowing that it can get cool in the evenings, it’s a good idea to bring something to keep you warm just in case. Guys have it pretty easy in the cooler months since jackets are generally de rigueur at weddings, but what about ladies who still want to don spaghetti straps or forego the nude nylon fad?

A cropped lace jacket with either short or long sleeves would work well because it’s semi-transparent and won’t cover up your gorgeous dress. If the invitation brocade jacket and dress combo for a fall weddingcalls for something more casual, don’t go overboard and think “play clothes.” Instead, opt for something in jersey knit with longer sleeves. If the event is on the upscale side, avoid wearing a sweater that’s too casual or a jacket that’s too frumpy. Some designers will create matching dresses and jackets that are brocade and they look far more dressed up than a piece-meal attempt from your closet. Metallic pashminas or shrugs also give a nice warm hug to your icy shoulders and look great in the process.

Just remember that old adage, “it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.” It will serve you well with regard to appropriateness, but also the climate you might not be expecting.

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