Fall Wedding Recipe for Success

Fall wedding tableRecently, we took a look at what you could wear to a fall wedding if you were a guest. Today, we’re looking at another aspect of the wedding that guests either love or love to hate: the menu.

Fall’s bounty means the food is bound to be heartier, but with fresh summer produce still available, you can treat your guests to a menu that’s big on flavor and excitement. For example, the starter. Whereas most people think of salad for the appetizer course, why not change it up and serve a piping hot soup? This is especially useful to warm-up your onlookers when the weather is chilly. Better yet: have both! Salads can be dressed-up in the fall months with things like nuts, aged cheeses, seeds, and more.

Looking for a not-so-mainstream main course? Try cornish game hens! Yes, they may seem a little medieval Cornish Game Hens, Fall Wedding Foodstimes to you,  but eaters love personal portions, and these little gems are a nice departure from the chaffing dish chicken we see far too often at weddings. Think about pairing them with a hearty gourd stuffing flavored with sage and scalloped potatoes. Warm those guests from the inside out!

Finally, dessert. Chocolate cake will always be a favorite and is especially welcomed in the cooler fall months. But what about a pumpkin spiced cake, or carrot cake with cream cheese frosting? Both elicit that feeling of fall when the days are shorter, nights are colder, and eating becomes a comfort thing more than just one of life’s necessities.

Fall wedding dessertHave a favorite fall wedding food? Dish with us here!

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