Do I Need a Wedding Website?

wedding websitesIt seems that with every wedding invitation that shows up in the mail these days, so too does the www address with the bride and groom’s names smashed before the .com. Are these websites actually useful, or just another way for money-hungry vendors to put the squeeze on couples scared of leaving a detail unnoticed?

I just RSVP’ed for a November wedding on our friends’ website, and to me, that was quite useful. I opened up my iPad, clicked that the mister and I would be there for both the ceremony and reception, and emailed it off faster than I could have gotten downstairs to put a card in the mail. For this reason, I think wedding websites can be useful. However, the proposal (we all know how he proposed), the wedding party (I don’t have time to read statistics about why you chose these people), and a photo album (I know what you guys look like and was at 2/3’s of the events pictured) are all things I‘m never going to click on.

Some questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about putting up a wedding website include:

  • Is my wedding a destination one? If so, people will need information about accommodations, how to get there, and other travel information that will be easier to disseminate on a website.
  • Are my guests traveling from out of town? If the answer is yes, the above information also applies. Yes, you’re familiar with where the nearest Outback Steakhouse is, but they aren’t. A website is useful here to give information about your ceremony and reception, but also to educate guests about things to see and do where you live.
  • Can I fit everything I want on my invitation? Traditional wedding invitations tell a pretty brief story: the parents, bride and groom are inviting you to witness their marriage at such and such time at this particular location. If you need to include driving directions, instructions about children, and parking information, perhaps a website is a better place to house this information than in calligraphy.

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