Desperate (Almost) Wives

Handcuffed bride, bride on her way to jailWe all know that weddings are expensive, and planning them can lead to unfathomable stress. But would you ever go so far as to steal to help pay for your big day?

One Pennsylvania couple did the unthinkable, stealing copper wire from utility poles to help pay for their upcoming wedding. The groom had recently lost his job, and the couple had to eat a $1,000 deposit when their reception hall closed without notice. The bottom line: they pocketed a measly $18.00 from their scheme, barely enough to pay for one guest’s meal at the reception! And the damage they caused is going to set them back almost $400 to repair the poles they ruined.

This is just one example of how crazy people can get when planning their weddings. Desperation has a way of creeping in at all the wrong times, clouding judgment and creating an even bigger mess for couples who have enough to deal with. Unfortunately for this couple, their story is now plastered all over the national news and they’re worse off than when they first concocted this ill-fated plan.

With so many weddings taking place out there each week, I have to believe there are more stories like this. It’s really sad that it comes to this for some people, but it’s easy to find an element of humor in all of it too. When it comes to weddings, have you heard of anything as insane as this? Share your stories in our comments section, and let’s have our own little dose of the Friday funnies!

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