Choosing a Wedding Band…For Him

When it comes to weddings, there are all sorts of bands. Polka bands, punk rock bands, traditional bands, and…oh yeah…wedding bands! That’s actually what we’re here to discuss today because choosing a wedding band for him can be a daunting task. A lot of men are reticent to wear jewelry anyway, and if you present them with something they’re less than keen on, chances are, you’re going to have an awkward moment at the alter.

Wood Grained Stainless Steel Mens Ring
Wood Grained Stainless Steel Ring

Sidebar: I actually heard about a groom who looked down at his hand as his bride slid on the ring, and you could see the look of panic and shock in his eyes when he realizes there was a sunken diamond in the middle. Clearly, this wasn’t something he was expecting!

For the guys, it’s pretty easy to find a ring that she is going to love. There are tons of styles, shapes, sizes, and so forth to choose from, but on the flip side, there is certainly a smaller collection of men’s rings. But that’s not to say there aren’t some amazingly cool options out there. You just have to search a little bit harder and let your imagination get involved.


Carbide ring with carbon fiber inlay
Carbide Ring with Carbon Fiber Inlay

Here are some interesting styles that will have him looking down in awe instead of “ahhhhh mannnnnnn…”

  1. Solid black tungsten ring
  2. Wood grain, titanium wedding band
  3. Carbide ring with carbon fiber inlay
  4. Patterned ring
  5. Onyx and diamond wedding band

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