Car Parts, The Perfect Wedding Gift?

Car Pars Wedding GiftOkay, so there are admittedly some grey areas when it comes to buying a wedding gift for a new couple, but when it comes to purchasing outlandish things for a bride and groom, a new Dodge commercial might take the cake. The new 30-second commercial suggests that car parts make the perfect wedding gift!

According to Advertising Age, “Chrysler is trying to redefine a wedding ritual with ‘The Dodge Dart Registry,’ a site that lets engaged couples raise money toward purchasing a new car by asking their friends and family to chip in.”

In the commercial, couples who are engaged are encouraged to visit the “Dodge Dart Registry” online so they can customize and configure their potential new car. It then lets you set a goal of how much money would be needed to purchase that car. Tapping into the popularity of social media, the site allows you to connect the “Dodge Dart Registry” with Facebook and Twitter to solicit contributions from relatives and friends via the crowdfunding website RocketHub. Once a registrant reaches either the expiration date on his appeal, or the funding goal, he or she can opt out with RocketHub, which will verify the information and send that person a check.

The commercial pokes fun at their own idea by saying that Dad can pay for the engine, Grandma the rims, etc…, but this is hardly a joke. Then again, the concept isn’t exactly rocketing to popularity. Thus far, less than 20 people have signed into the website. Jason Russ, head of Dodge brand advertising, notes, I’m sure you’ve seen ads that run during the holiday season with a car with a bow on top,” he said. “What makes this different is that nobody has really taken a car and dissected it into different parts.”

Maybe there’s a better option than spark plugs to put a little spark in a new marriage. Would you consider asking for a car as part of your wedding registry?

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