Bridal Trends for 2013

Fake cakes can save hundredsBrides nowadays have a much wider selection of choices than ever before. From fake cakes to wedding dresses with pockets, the choices are limitless when planning out wedding details. It can be overwhelming having to plan out every small detail from décor to choosing the right location. Fortunately, there are some recent trends you can take advantage of in order to have a fun, affordable wedding at your St. Charles wedding venue.

Ever considered food trucks? It’s the new trend for weddings throughout the country. Whether its after midnight, or during the reception, food trucks are a fun way to keep the celebration going, and it’s affordable. With prices ranging from $6 to $12 per person, hiring a food truck is an enjoyable way to make your special day a memorable one for you and your guests

Yes, you’ve had your dream dress planned out in your head, but nowadays there are many more choices than the conventional white. Colors can now be seen in every aspect of a wedding gown, including lining and accessories. Brides are also now allowing their bridesmaids to choose the color and style of their dresses. Let go of your former ideas and have fun with your bridesmaids.

And finally, brides all over the nation are taking part in wedding cake alternatives with choices such as sweet buffets. These “candy buffets”  can include chocolate bars, whoopee pies, cupcakes and anything else your sweet tooth desires. It’s fun and can be a cheap alternative to an expensive wedding cake. Another alternative many are employing are fake cakes. The trick is to display a fake cake, then take a sheet cake and deliver that to your guests. No one will be the wiser,
and you will save hundreds.

If you are interested in learning about our St Charles wedding venue, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to help host your big day.

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