For the Boys: Winter Bachelor Party Ideas

Sorry ladies, but it’s a reality: that last opportunity to get crazy with friends, better known as a “bachelor(ette) party,” is just as much fun for your guy as it is for you. With spring and summer weddings, the possibilities are a lot more limitless when it comes to deciding on what to do. Grab a flight to Mexico or Florida to enjoy the sun, make a weekend out of a sporting event like Spring Training of The Final Four, head to wine country and wow the oenophiles in your group, and more. But what happens when your wedding is set for winter, and your honey’s bachelor party must coincide?

Luckily, there are a number of options for winter getaways that make for fantastic and adventurous bachelor parties. We’ve been hit hard this year across the country with inclement weather, and it’s a virtual winter wonderland in all four corners of the nation. So, what better place to get the guys together than in a cabin and on the slopes? Case and point: a ski weekend! We are lucky enough to have some of the best slopes in the world, some requiring a short drive and others a lengthier stay. But with a little planning, you’ll not only be having a white wedding, but also a white bachelor party. And while you’re there, rent snow mobiles! I’ve done a snow mobile run at night, which was amazing. They’ll dress you up in the required garb and you’ll follow a guide under the stars, or for more fair-weather fans, head out during the day.

Here’s another thought that involves snow, and will have your friends relying on you as the ideas guy for years to come. Grab a flight to Salt Lake City, Utah (I keep seeing a commercial about how they operate over 550 daily domestic flights) and try your hand at bobsledding. Yes, you heard me: bobsledding! Home of the 2002 Winter Olympics, you and your friends can actually use the official track from the games and bobsled your hearts away! And if you’re a real man’s-man and can convince your group that their tough enough to handle it, you could set-up an ice fishing bachelor party. Yes, it’s going to be cold, and no, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually catch anything, but isn’t part of the fun gossiping with the guys and recounting the stories of days gone by? Ok, this may be more bachelorette party specific, but you know what I mean.

I suppose the point is, don’t let a winter wedding force you into anything. Some will disguise their bachelor party as another night on the town, at the same bars, with ridiculous t-shirts or other insignia advertising their numbered days as a single man. And others will scrap the idea altogether, or postpone it until a more favorable time of year. Bachelor(ette) parties are an important part of the process though for many people, and the winter options are just as amazing, if not more so, if you take the time to plan. And if you really can’t live without a sporting-inspired. tailgate-inducing stag party, then a trip to the Super Bowl is always an option.

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