A Wedding Marathon…Without a Course

wedding marathonCouples who recently completed a relationship skills class in Sacramento, California are looking for a church to host their nuptials. The couples all have kids and can’t afford to get married traditionally, so they’re looking for a church to donate space on November 19th. The challenge is finding a church that’s large enough to accommodate everyone, and also one that’s available on such short notice. The organization is also looking for a pastor to donate his/her time.

The Flourishing Families program was started by the Relationship Skills Center Relationship Skills Center, marathon wedding prepof Sacramento as part of a federal grant program to help under resourced, low-income, pregnant unwed couples. 750 families in the Sacramento area have completed the program over the last five years. In the program, the couples learned financial skills and budgeting, stress management, and communication skills.

Relationship Skills Center is looking for donations of all kinds to help with these couples’ big days. In addition to the church and reception space, the organization is in need of other wedding items like cakes, flowers, décor, etc… If you have extra wedding items and are able to donate them to a lovely wedding-related cause, please contact Relationship Skills Center at www.skills4us.org.

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