Wedding Gifts to Avoid

We’ve all been there: you wait until the last minute to get your friends a wedding gift. And despite thinking you have the registry on your side as you are en route to the ceremony, you find that they only things left are a piecemeal, hodgepodge of nothing. The urge to find something in a hurry can cause some pretty bad decision making, so here are some tips on wedding gifts to avoid!

Did you know that cutlery and watches should not be given as gifts? According to Poonam Sethi, a Delhi-based astrologer, holistic healer and tarot card reader, says, the former is a messenger of enmity and the latter has a deathly motif behind it that indicates a shorter life span.

And then we have the issue of regifting. This highly ill-advised idea should only be used in extreme cases. I actually had a friend who tried to slide one past their friends who had just married. As they opened the etched picture frame and realized it obviously was not for them, awkwardness filled the room.  Don’t regift; it’s just tacky and distasteful!

Other random gifts that just shouldn’t be wrapped in wedding paper include shaving kits, ashtrays, gardening tools, footwear, or restaurant gift certificates.

If gifting just isn’t your thing, see if you can go in on a larger group gift with your friends. It will help your newlywed friends obtain some of the more expensive things on their list instead of rifling through piles of stuff they didn’t ask for and certainly don’t know what to do with!

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