Wedding Day – Always on the Mind

Wedding Veil Dress UpLittle girls prance around with pillowcases on their heads as children, but those dreams are usually dashed by things like losing your training wheels or picking out a prom dress. It seems that when girls hit their teens, they mostly forget about the wedding they so often dressed up for as a child. And then come the 20’s, when it all comes roaring back.

I’m sitting here in Starbucks, evesdropping on the conversation one table over. Scene: two women, in their mid 20’s, showing each other photos of wedding rings on their iPhones that they’re hoping to get from their respective men. BothiPhone with wedding ring photos have had conversations with their significant others about “starting their lives” together, but neither have engagement rings on their fingers. Either they are both in jewelry sales, or the topic is fresh on their mind. Are they getting pressure from family members? Friends? Both?

It begs he question: what is the age when weddings are suddenly on the minds of women? People like to make jokes about a biological time clock, and how when it starts to tick,  you feel the urge to have children. Are we as women equipped with a similar apparatus that sets off bells regarding marriage?

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