Watch Your Wedding Cake!

Perhaps it’s not what the bride and groom were expecting to assign a worker to at their wedding, but they should have had someone stand guard over their cake. That’s because a two-year-old toddler broke away from his parents and devoured their three-tier wedding cake! Sadly, the child suffers from a genetic condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome and he cannot stop eating.

The ravenous toddler got away from his parents at the ceremony and ate the entire wedding cake before anyone detected it. Alfie Mazeika’s parents found him shoveling the sponge cake into his mouth. The cake was due to feed 100 guests at a wedding in Durham, United Kingdom.

The parents discovered he was gone, and before they could reach him, he had hoisted himself up onto a seat at the table where the cake was situated. Unfortunately, the cake was destroyed beyond repair. We’re hoping the newlyweds found the humor in the situation and were good-natured about his naughty behavior. It does remind us all though—keep an eye on the all-important wedding cake!

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