Top Wedding Songs for 2012

Every year, there are a list of songs that top the charts at weddings. Whether it’s the couple’s first dance, or the songs that the bridal party walks out to, the music that a couple chooses for their wedding is deliberate and well thought out in most cases. If you’re not particularly into music and don’t have a strong preference one way or another for music at your wedding, here are some of the top weddings first-dance and father-daughter dance songs for 2012 to give you a few ideas about what’s blaring from the speakers at weddings around the country!

And just so you don’t make a major faux pas, we also have a list of songs that you probably shouldn’t play. They’re either played-out or just downright annoying, and guests have said they’re absolutely not a fan.

Top 5 First Dance Songs

1. At Last- Etta James

2. Can’t Help Falling in Love- Elvis Presley

3. Marry Me- Train

4. You and Me- Dave Matthews Band

5. Lucky- Jazon Mraz

Top 5 Father-Daughter Dance Songs

1.    I Loved Her First- Heartland

2.    Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong

3.    The Way You Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra

4.    Cinderella- Steven Curtis Chapman

5.    My Girl- The Temptations

And For Your “Do-Not-Play” List

1.    Chicken Dance

2.    Electric Slide

3.    Macarena

4.    YMCA

5.    Cotton Eye Joe

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