Toasting Tips for the Groom-to-Be

Tips to Make Good Wedding Toast

For your upcoming wedding, there will likely be a couple occasions in which you’ll need to “say a few words.”  During this already exciting—but stressful—time, the pressure to eloquently sum up what the event and future marriage mean to you can be a bit overwhelming.  Don’t panic—preparing your toasts is easier than it may sound.  Follow these guidelines for an award-winning speech at both your rehearsal dinner and your wedding reception.

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is your first opportunity to speak to the gathering of friends and family who are here to support you and your bride-to-be.  A less formal occasion than the following wedding, this is a great time to introduce yourself, in a fun way, to the bride’s side of the crowd.

  • Compliment her right off the bat:  it will warm their hearts and loosen them up when you comment on how lucky you are to be marrying the woman they all know and love
  • Thank all of y
    our guests:  The out-of-towners may have traveled a long distance to see you “get hitched,” so make sure they know that their efforts are appreciated.  Everyone enjoys a bit of recognition.
  • Pay respect to your parents:  Whether or not they’re footing your bill, your parents have probably lent you a lot of support, especially during the difficult planning period.  This event means a lot to them so ensure that they feel included.

Wedding Reception

The vows have been made, the rings exchanged, and the drinks poured, so now it’s time for you to commemorate the occasion.  You’re now speaking to the entirety of your wedding guests, so make sure you speak clearly, slowly, and loudly so that they can all soak it in.

  • Beginning your statements, again, with your gratitude and amazement is sure to set the tone for a wonderful speech.
  • If you want to infuse some humor into the speech, make sure no irony is directed at your parents or in-laws—better to be safe than risk a misunderstanding.
  • Finally, you don’t need to make a presidential s
    peech—it’s okay for it to be “short and sweet.”  Deliver a speech that gets right to the root of your joy, and then carry on with the celebration!


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