The Wedding Planning Learning Curve

Bride Gets Frustrated From Planning Her WeddingWhen it comes to planning a wedding, chances are, it’s your first rodeo, as they say. And when the excitement subsides and it’s time to get down to business, you quickly realize that in addition to being a blushing bride-to-be, you are also a wedding coordinator, daughter-in-law-to-be, hostess, accountant, decision-maker, and the one in charge of keeping the peace. Oh yeah, you’re also in instant wife training. Yikes!

Women who can move seamlessly from checking “single” to “married” on forms while also keeping their sanity are a rare breed. There’s a big learning curve when it comes to planning a wedding, so here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you keep your sanity…and all those jobs!

1. Ditch the Etiquette Books

Please don’t feel like etiquette books are the gospel when it comes to your wedding. They are guides, and are only meant to help you with suggestions. Remember, this is your wedding day, and if you want to wear something that is outside the boundaries of what the etiquette books deem normal, just do it!

2. Worrying Will Get You Nowhere

Most of us have attended a gazillion weddings, and we get it–the day and all of the details didn’t magically happen without a ton of thought and effort. Make sure to remember what you’re doing there in that white dress in the first place. A positive attitude is going to be your biggest asset on the big day, so don’t worry if a cupcake falls off the stand, or if you’re one party favor short. Trust me, your guests will understand, and would much prefer to hang with a happy bride than a disappointed one. Plan for a few mishaps and you won’t be surprised on your big day.

3. Trust Your Gut

Your instinct is a powerful thing, so well before you start making decisions for your wedding day, repeat after me: “I will trust my gut. I will trust my gut.” This is your big dance, so pick the location you want, the invitations you think fit you best as a couple, and make sure your wedding day is memorable for the two of you!


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