The Tradition of the Wedding Cake – How Did it Come to Be?

The Modern Wedding Cake Have you ever wondered about the tradition of the wedding cake came to be and what the purpose of it was initially?  What’s even more interesting is the ways the symbolic item has changed in appearance throughout the years? Actually, the origin of the wedding cake began many centuries ago.

During the Roman times, the wedding cake represented fertility but it was quite different than the wedding cake of today. It consisted of a bun that was broken over the bride’s head at the celebration of the wedding. The crumbs from the bun were thought to bring luck to the wedding couple.
In the Middle Ages, it was a common practice for the bride and groom to kiss above a stack of little cakes brought to the wedding by the guests. However, by the 1600’s the ritual had evolved into the bridesmaids baking little fruitcakes for adorning the bride and groom’s table.

Ultimately, by the 1700’s a rendering of the present wedding cake was created when a French baker frosted sweet buns and stacked them together in the form of what is believed to be the first tiered wedding cake. On the other hand, there was still notion of sharing the cake with the guests. The tradition of sharing the luck of the wedding cake by serving it to quests was believed to have originated in China.

The current celebration with the wedding cake has evolved into the bride and groom cutting the cake and feeding each other a bite. Perhaps the biggest change of all is the look and ingredients of the cake. The modern wedding cake can be made simple or elaborate and to look like just about anything that the wedding couple could desire. One thing is for certain, we have certainly come a long way from the initial tradition of the wedding cake.


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