Survey Says: How Many Wedding Dresses for the Big Day?

How many wedding dresses for the big day?I was recently watching an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” where the bride spent a whopping $70,000 on dresses for herself, her mother, and three daughters for her wedding! I couldn’t believe that someone would spend the equivalent of a down payment on a pretty nice house to outfit four people for a wedding. It got me thinking though: there are tons of brides out there who insist on making multiple wardrobe changes on their big day (ahem, Ms. Kardashian…we’re looking at you). So, how many wedding dresses are just too many for the big day, and where did this trend come from anyway?

Technically, there are no etiquette rules surrounding this newfangled fad, but there are some pros and cons. Let’s take a look!


1. For the bride who loves to be the center of attention, a costume change throughout the ceremony helps to remind her that it’s most certainly all about her.

2. Here’s a little ditty: what happens when a family member insists that you wear their dress for tradition, but it’s not your taste and you don’t want to hurt their feelings? Answer: you wear it for a bit and then slip into something that you’ve chosen and that highlights your own personal style. Everybody wins!

3. Some brides opt for gowns that are lavish, exceptionally adorned, and quite frankly, a pain to be in. If you have a dress that is difficult to sit or dance in, having a change of dress can actually make a lot of sense.


1. Well, one obvious con is the price factor! Wedding dresses can range into the thousands of dollars, so when you start multiplying that by two or even three, your going to leave yourself in a pretty unsettling financial situation come honeymoon day #1.

2. Some people make impulse purchases when it comes to wedding dresses, and as we all know, they make it pretty hard to return them. If you bought something before you were sure and now are contemplating wearing more than one dress, ask yourself if that’s really what you’re interested in doing. Perhaps you can sell the less desirable gown on Ebay or Craigslist instead and try to recoup some of your money.

3. Changing is a pain! Don’t forget that the time you spend changing between dresses is precious time spent away from your friends and family who have come to see you on your big day. Weigh out whether or not it makes sense to excuse yourself from the party simply to change clothes.

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